Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The term GalaxySofts refers to the apps available at Google's Play Store with company name GalaxySofts (SMC-Private) Limited or stuff available at GalaxySofts.com.

The terms 'I', 'We', 'Our' or 'Us' refers to GalaxySofts or any product of GalaxySofts.

The terms 'He', 'She', 'You' or 'User' refers to customer or user using GalaxySofts website or any product of GalaxySofts.

The terms ‘Smart Messenger with self Reminders’ or 'Smart Reminder and Notifier' or 'SRN' refers to the a single product titled as ‘Smart Messenger with Self Reminders’ (also translated in various other languages) - a product of GalaxySofts.

By using GalaxySofts.com or any app design by GalaxySofts, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with GalaxySofts (SMC-Private) Limited that include provisions that:

(1) Allows users to use apps and project codes and schematics under a certain terms and conditions,

(2) Make it clear that your use of GalaxySofts applications and/or codes and/or schematics does not create a partnership relationship or any legal binding with GalaxySofts,

(3) Except as expressly authorized by GalaxySofts in writing, make it clear that you cannot directly monetize your use of GalaxySofts stuff

(4) Allow GalaxySofts to stop supporting, updating or deleting any stuff at any time from GalaxySofts.com or apps from markets without any prior warning or information.

(5) We are not responsible for any Error(s), problem(s) or damage(s) caused by Apps designed by GalaxySofts or any information that is available on website of GalaxySofts.

(6) The information collected by apps is limited to user's end unless user creates an account to any of our products or websites. Some of the information is collected to make the application better by collecting error logs, which help us to make the products compatible with various devices.

(6.1) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders application has an option to send specified message to SMS Library (Smart Messenger with Self Reminders > Group Messages), which allows you to download different types of messages (no any personal message) which can be forwarded to friends and family. The messages can also be uploaded to server which is all with manual actions by the user and there is no any option to send messages automatically without user consent.

(6.2) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders also supports Notification Listening and Reading, which is also allowed by user manually by enabling (Smart Messenger with Self Reminders > Settings > 'Enable Notification Capturing' or 'Process Other Packages too' option and Enabling application from accessibility service.

(6.2) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders can also read your SMS Messages and your contacts to display and allows you to improve productivity by automatically extracting useful schedulable information and setting reminders or asks user whether he/she wants to add it to Reminder or discard it.

(6.3) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders from version 4.0+ can also read all the notifications (after enabling from settings manually) of all other applications. But all of these messages are just to detect any schedulable information or to translate the notification. No personal information is being collected or sent to server by any means without user consent.

(6.4) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (vesion 4.0+) uses translation feature, which send your message to either Google Translate API or Baidu Translation API (http://api.fanyi.baidu.com/). However, this service will only send information if the user enables Translation Features from Smart Messenger with Self Reminders's Settings and with a User consent. The GalaxySofts or our applications are not concerned or related by any means in any way about the usage of that information (which is sent for translation purpose) by 3rd party applications.

(6.5) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.0+) allows users to create user accounts to allow users to save their settings and save any purchase information to server that can be retrieved later by the user on any one or more devices by logging in using same credentials.

(6.6) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.5+) collects usage data like crashes along with android version data to help us fix issues in upcoming versions and give users better experience every time.

(6.7) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.4+) allows users to share their location with their friends or family. Where in real-time location sharing feature, the app collects location data even when app is in background for specified time (as selected by user). When the app is accessing location data, the users will see a warning on main window of app, from where they can immediately stop app from further accessing location data. The location data is only collected by user's consent, and not without their permissions.

(6.8) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.10+) may upload user login information and the profile picture (provided by the user him/her self) to the server, which may be used by upcoming features by app to display it to other users during the conversation.

(6.9) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.10+) may collect the information regarding the time, the user was using the app. This is required for newly added feature Last Online in v4.1.12.

(6.10) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.12+) may collect and upload information to our own website (i.e. galaxysofts.com) via secure channel. The information may include SMS or contacts information, this information will be collected to provide SMS from Web feature, so users can send SMS messages directly from their laptops, computers or anyother devices.

(6.11) The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.12+) may collect and upload the CALL Log or numbers to our website (i.e. galaxysofts.com) after the user enables Last Online feature. This is required to know the last online time of the other user to whome we are in chat or conversation. This feature is related to SMS Messenger.

(7) The apps and/or any features of apps purchased (including using in-app-purchases) are supported or available to user till the app is active and supported by GalaxySofts.

(8) GalaxySofts does not provide liability, reliability, guarentee or warentee of any kind of any service.

(9) GalaxySofts reserve the rights to delete or stop supporting any app which is available free or purchased (including using in-app-purchases).

(10) The project codes and/or schematics and/or datasheets and/or images and/or Libraries is/are either downloaded or copied (fully or partially) or designed with the help of stuff available on internet or books.

(11) The stuff may be copied from one or multiple sites.

(12) The codes and/or schematics available in Arduino Projects are free to use for personal and/or commercial use by anyone. However, the datasheets, libraries and some images (which are downloaded from other sources) are subjected to copyright by owners. I, we or my site(s) cannot allow the use of that stuff under any circumstance.

(13) In case of any damage and/or error and/or closing and/or stopping of any app, the GalaxySofts is not responsible and is not liable to pay any charges or even a single penny, even if the app is purchased fully or some parts/features using in-app purchases or purchased directly from owner using other methods.

(14) GalaxySofts reserve the rights to add, delete or change terms of conditions and Privacy Policy at any time without any information and notification or consent from Users.

Application and Website Usage Policy:

By using our applications, the user agrees with our policy regarding the sending of usage of application to 3rd party services like Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics.

(i) The information that is sent to Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics is only related to application usage and there is no any personal or private information is being sent.

(ii) This information includes the details related to Browser being used, operating system and it’s version, Default Language of browser, Android OS version, default language of device, Application version, opening of any activity or installation and removal of our application and crash reasons and log of application etc.

(iii) This information is only used to find the like feature of our application (or content of website) to improve our service.