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Wireless Conversation is a wifi texting app, that broadcasts information instantly to all people within local area or organization.

No need for Internet connectivity just a simple wifi connection.

There must be at least two persons using the same app on the same network in order to communicate.

Stay in touch with friends and family with Wireless conversation.

Wireless Conversation is a communication app that sends and Receives messages instantly to all people connected to wifi within the same organization.

This app doesn’t need Internet connectivity, but it only needs local area network for message dissemination.

No need to have an email address or contact number of all persons within your organization, just send a message and it will be received by all persons connected to the same network.

Version 1.2:

The updated version allows users to retrieve missed messages later. when the user connects to a network and if the sender is also on the same network.

Message locking prevents from deleting mistakenly.


– Convey you Information faster
– No need to have email address or contact number
– Support Message locking to prevent it from deleting
– Receive missed messages later when you both connect to the network later on.


Download from Google Play Store
Download from Google Play Store

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