Torch Light

Torchlight / flashlight android app

Android Jelly Beans (JB) and older versions have limitations in torch light that when they turn Off screen light, the torch light also turns off and when they try to use any other app when torch light is ON, the torch light closes automatically.

Due to this limitation, peoples can not work during the dark, while using cell phone torch, they can not use other apps along with using cell phone torch/flash.

This app supports all android versions and works in the background and even when the phone screen is off.

The app supports multiple flashlights as well, the user can now turn on and off Back flashlight as well as the front flashlight (if present).

One more feature has been added to v1.2, in which user can use the mobile screen as a torch, hence if a mobile doesn’t have any flashlight, even then this app can use the mobile screen to produce sufficient light.

This Torchlight works in the background as well as when Screen is off, hence you will never disturb your work in the dark.

– Works in background
– Works when Screen is off
– Supports Continuous Torch On and Off (Blinking)
– Added multiple languages support: English, Chinese, Urdu, and Sindhi
– Supports multiple Torch and/or flashlights (i.e. Back and Front)
– Can use the mobile screen to produce sufficient light.


Download from Google Play Store
Download from Google Play Store

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