Smart Messenger with Self Reminders

smart messenger with self reminders

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Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (also known as Smart Reminder and Notifier) helps you to use your cell phone in a smarter way.

Powerful SMS Messaging App with Enhanced features

Smart Messenger with Self Reminders is an SMS Messaging app with intelligent and powerful tools that makes messaging more productive with built-in features.

Along with basic Messaging tools like SMS Receiving and Sending, the app also has the following productive tools based on incoming messages.

The features included in the current version of Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (documentation of some features is still not complete, however, features are implemented and working):

  • Smart Messenger
    • Lock SMS (To avoid from being deleted mistakenly)
    • Stick message conversation on Top (To get important messages on Top)
    • Quick Reply
    • Smart Reply
    • Secret Box
    • Supports Multiple SIM cards
    • SPAM detector
    • Free Location Sharing,
    • SMS Reply
    • SMS Blocker
    • SMS Translation
    • Scheduled SMS Messaging
      Last Seen/ Last online last seen for sms messages
  • Group Messaging,
    • Scheduled group messaging with Queue (automatically one message from the queue will be sent to a group on scheduled time)
  • Intelligent Reminders
  • Instant Notification Translation
  • Notification Capturing and Notification based Reminders
  • Birthday Reminder and Wisher
    • Automatically scan contacts to get their birthdays from phone contacts



Stick unlimited Conversation on top:
See important conversations on top

Lock SMS
Avoid message from being deleted mistakenly

Quick Reply
The app can understand user’s way of replying to messages and can suggest you replies based on previous experience

Smart Reply¹
The app can search for information requested (like sending phone number or email address etc) automatically 

Secret Box
Keep your privacy secret by putting your private contacts in Secret Box

Supports Multiple SIM cards
Now the app supports multiple SIM cards, choose any while sending SMS

SPAM detector²
Can detect and show icon regarding SMS can be possible a SPAM

Free Location Sharing³
Share real-time location or location of any other place to anyone.

SMS Reply
Reply to an SMS, so the recipient knows what you replied to which message.

SMS Blocker
Block unwanted messages

SMS Translator
If the incoming message is not in your native language, translate it to your native (device’s default language)

¹ To use Smart Replies, please go to (Recommendations > Generate Personalized Smart Replies > Proceed) and wait till the app learns from your conversations.

² To use SPAM filter (Goto Settings > SMS Messenger > Enable mark as SPAM menu items)

³ To use location sharing, create an account and go to any conversation, press (+) button near Send button at the bottom of the conversation, and select one of Sharing location or Sharing realtime location.



Using Group Messaging Feature now send the message automatically to your loved ones, just add all the messages you have to queue and schedule group message to send to them automatically daily/weekly.

This feature uses built-in groups of phone contacts/ google contact groups.

This feature also allows you to forward the message to all peoples in groups except the one from which you have received the similar/same message.

Check out a short video on Scheduled Group Messaging:

To add messages to Queue, first Add group and configure it, then share messages to this app and select group.

Check Group Messaging Made Easier

Schedule a Contacts Group and Add messages to the queue, the messages will be sent automatically as scheduled.

Creating Contacts Group
Using smart messenger with Self Reminders (v4.1.0+), now users can create groups in an android device, which can be used anywhere in any application.
» To create group, go to Group Messaging > Click on ≡ (top-right) > Create a new group

Add or Remove members to Group
Add or Remove any members to any of the Android contacts groups.
» To manage contacts or members of any group, go to Group Messaging > Click on ≡ (top-right) > Add/ Modify group Contacts

Scheduling a Group
By using this feature, users can schedule any of the android contact groups that contain at least one member having a phone number. After scheduling a group, the user needs to add at least one message (unlimited* number of messages can be added). A message from the scheduled group will be sent to all¹ the contacts in group on scheduled timings.
» To schedule a group, go to Group Messaging > Click on ≡ (top-right) > Add Group
» To add a message to a scheduled group, go to Group Messaging > Click on ≡ (top-right) > Add Message or
» To add a message to a scheduled group, go to Group Messaging > Click on ≡ (top-right) > Online SMS Library > Select any message you like > Click Add to Group

Unique Messages:
Every time, this app will send the next message available in the queue.

Repeat the Queue:
Once all messages from the queue are sent to a group, it will repeat the queue from the first message if set in Options.
» To enable repetition of messages after all messages are sent, go to Settings > Birthday Settings > tick Repeat Group Messages once all sent

¹ In case you want to forward a message to any group, the message will not be sent to the person, from where the message is received even if the person is in the group to which you are forwarding the message.
* Unlimited messages but limited to storage of the device



Now Never forget your Important Events.

Events will be scheduled automatically, without writing or setting reminders manually, this will save your time from adding reminders, scheduling date and times, and writing information manually.

Smart Messenger with Self Reminder is a productivity app that will automatically process incoming SMS messages, WhatsApp*, Facebook Messenger*, and Gmail* messages and add a reminder for you.

App asking to add reminder from WeChat message

This app will remind you automatically at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time¹.

The early notification settings can be changed in Options Menu.

This app will also help you to remind the expiry dates of your cell phone packages like SMS Package, Call Package, Internet Package, or any other Packages. or Flight schedule etc.

Once the app receives any message which contains a date and/or time, the message will be scheduled for you.

Automated Reminders
Can find schedulable information from incoming messages and automatically add reminders for you

Picture based Reminders
Add pictures as a reminder

Supports Wake up Reminders
Reminds you after you wake up from sleep, it does not disturb your sleep by showing reminder if you are intended to sleep longer than usual

Custom reminder options
Set reminders based on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or on a specific day of every week or after a specified number of days

Reminders with Alarm
Create reminder alarms for very important messages



If you want to be the First to wish Birthday to your loved ones then this app also helps you with that.

This feature allows you to scan contacts and extract birthday information and cell numbers and schedule Birthday Message to be sent at a given mobile number automatically at exactly 12:00 am (midnight).

Automatic Birthday Information:
Scan Contacts for Birthdays and leave the rest to this app.
» To find contacts with birthdays, go to Birthdays > Click on ≡ (top-right) > Search

Birthday Reminders
Using Birthday Reminders Never Forget to wish anyone on time.

Custom Cell Number:
Add a mobile number (if not extracted automatically).
» To add or change the mobile number of any person, go to Birthdays > Select your desired contact > Click Edit > Change Mobile Number and Click √ (on top-right)

Custom Birthday Message:
You can define custom Birthday Message for Special peoples and send a default birthday message to remaining.
» To set a custom birthday message, go to Birthdays > Select your desired contact > Click Edit > Write birthday message and Click √ (on top-right)



Instant Notification Translator translates the notifications that are not in the device’s default language, if you are using your mobile in English then all notifications that are not in English will be translated and shown alongside the original notification.

Check Notification Translator for more information

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