Smart Messenger with Self Reminders v4.1.5 Released

What’s New:

The latest version (v{1}) comes with some minor improvements and improved colors schemes:

  • Added scheduled SMS option in the conversation
  • Loading conversations are a bit faster than before
  • When the app is not the default SMS app, it will not show SMS notification. However, the other functions will still work normally like capturing reminder information from SMS, etc.
  • Copy OTP code option added to incoming SMS notifications if the SMS contains the OTP code.
  • Added option to ignore messages from automatic reminder detection. (A new button on top-right of a popup)
  • Added option to avoid app from automatically detecting reminders from incoming messages (Settings -> Reminder Settings)
  • Added Google Translation service alongside Baidu Translation to translate SMS Messages and Notifications (Settings -> SMS Settings)
  • Date and Time detection method is redesigned and is much better than before
  • A bug is fixed in the Baidu translation
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements


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