Smart Messenger with Self Reminders – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Messenger with Self Reminders

Question: After changing a sim or inserting a new sim, how to update messenger to send messages through the new sim?

Ans.   There are two ways to do so:

  • Force stop the app and open it again to update sim slots information.
  • Go to “Messages”, and on the top-right menu, select “Find present SIM Slots” to find new SIM slot changes.


Question: How to create a new group in Smart Messenger with Self Reminder app?

Ans. Go to “Group Messaging”, and on the top-right, click “Create a new Group”, it will ask you group name then press “Create” to create a new group in Android’s built-in contacts. This created group is now accessible from any app that can send group messages.

Group Messaging using android Create a group in android contacts using smart messenger with self reminders

Question: How to add or delete contacts/ members to a contacts group?

Ans. Go to “Group Messaging”, and on the top-right, click “Add/ Modify group contacts”:

Group Messaging using android

android groups manager: add or remove contacts from android groups

1:            Select group, the list will show all the contacts groups currently available on android device. Select a group to see the list of available members or contacts (in 2) of the selected group.

2:            List of contacts in the currently selected group (selected in 1).

3: To add a new member to the selected group in 1, write the name of contact here and click a contact from the list having your required contact. (Note: if you don’t find a contact in the list and your required contact is available in the android device, press 5 and wait to update the list with the most recent contacts available in the android device).

4: Once all contacts are selected in 3. Now press this tick button to add all the contacts to the selected group (in 1).

5: This will refresh and update the list of currently available contacts in the android device.


Question: Does the app have immediate shortcuts to access one of the many features directly?

Ans. Yes, the app has quick shortcuts, by clicking and holding the main app icon, the shortcuts will appear that include: SMS Messenger, Group Messaging, Birthdays, and Compose SMS.

shortcut icons of smart Messenger with Self Reminders

Question: Group Messaging does not send messages to the group, after I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it?

Ans. You need to schedule the groups again, the synchronization between smart messenger with self reminders application and the android system has been updated. Group Ids have been changed. In order to synchronize both, the groups need to be re-added or re-scheduled. Removing groups and re-creating groups is not needed.

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