Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (aka Smart Reminder & Notifier)

App asking to add reminder from WeChat message

Smart Messenger with Self Reminders aka Smart Reminder and Notifier

With the update 4.0 of Smart Reminder and Notifier app, the app has also changed its name to Smart Messenger with Self Reminders to comply with Google Policies.

The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders comes with some Additional features like SMS Messaging, Notification Translation.

The app also has increased its ability to make self-reminders from not only incoming SMS messages but now it can get WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, IMO, Outlook, Gmail and various other apps to find schedulable information and set reminders for you.

Now stay worried free, the app will automatically schedule reminders for you.

This update can also set reminders from incoming messages in any language, it will pop up a window to ask whether the user wants to add this as a reminder? With this update, any language user can get benefits of smart features of the app. Earlier it was only English language was supported for detecting schedulable information, but from this update, most of the languages are supported for detection of schedulable information.


This pop-up is from Smart Messenger with Self Reminders that asks if you want to set this WeChat message as a reminder, you can change its date or time with “Edit” button and with just single click on “Add” button the reminder will be scheduled. No need to add information, set time, date etc.

Now setting reminders are just a click away.

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