Size of Optical Drive (CD/ DVD ROM) Attached to Laptop

Size of Optical Drive (CD/ DVD ROM) Attached to Laptop

To know the size of the Optical drive (CD/ DVD ROM) attached to the laptop, the more accurate way is to do it by yourself. Here is how can you know about that:

Turn the laptop over and look for a screw on the base about two inches in from the edge where the optical drive is.

or the screw may be available at 13 cm from the area of input of DVD Rom as shown below:

remove screw to unlock DVD rom from laptop

Remove that screw and the unit will slide out with slight pressure from your fingernail

Removing DVD from laptop Size of DVD Rom of Laptop


9.5 mm DVD ROM drive

It’s best to take it with you to the store or measure it carefully all ways round, particularly thickness and the size of the missing triangle on one side.

This size is considered for purchasing DVD Rom for laptop, its size is 9.5 mm, however other DVD Rom may have a size of around 12.7mm.

Laptop DVD Rom plug/ socket


When you get your replacement, you may need to make sure the bracket into which the screw fits in the same way round as the old one.


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