Set Reminder from incoming SMS

Automatic setting of reminder for expiry date of a certain package

The incoming messages some times contains very useful information like your flight schedule, meeting or date of occurrence of event, expiry dates of call packages etc.

The user always need to set reminder manually to those events by adding information, setting date and time manually and setting the time of reminder earlier than actual event time to get enough time for any preparations.

However, Smart Messenger with Self Reminders can get schedulable information automatically from incoming messages and set reminder with all information already filled in.

Based on your settings in application, the application will remind automatically before scheduled time.

The early reminder can be set from 15 minutes to 12 hours in application settings.

SMS based Reminder
Early Reminder

However, along with automatic addition of reminders from SMS messages, the app have options to add reminder manually.

The manual reminders have the option to remind on exact time, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

The reminder can also be set as frequency after every 3 days or after every specified number of days.

For example if a message is received that contains expiry date of a certain SMS package, it can be anything like flight schedule, meeting schedule, or any other event.

The messages contain schedule about occurrence of event and the person has to decide what he/ she has to prepare for that or how early he/ she need to leave to reach destination (for flight or meeting for example).

Automatic setting of reminder for expiry date of a certain package

The picture shows a message is received which shows expiry date of a certain SMS Package.

On the exact date or time, the package will expire.

However, certain providers offer that if the package is renewed, the remaining data or SMS messages will be added to new one.

Or it will remind you that package is about to expire, so after that you need to be careful regarding the use of SMS (if not renewed).

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