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App asking to add reminder from WeChat message

Reminder App

There are multiple android based reminder apps available that are very good to remind with multiple features, but the Smart Messenger with Self Reminders is a smart feature that is not found in any other apps yet.

The app is specially designed to make things easy and increase the productivity of the user by setting reminders automatically for the user.

The Smart Messenger with Self Reminders (aka Smart Reminder and Notifier) can automatically add reminders from your incoming SMS messages, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, IMO, WeChat, Twitter, Outlook, Gmail and various other apps.

The app if finds any schedulable information in your SMS or an email or instant message, it will ask the user to whether he wants to set the reminder or not. With just a single click reminder can be set and will remind you before the event.

For example, if you receive a message that contains your flight information with date and time, the pop-up will appear asking you to set a reminder.

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With a single click on Add button, the reminder will be set and it will remind you 3 hours before the scheduled time by default (this can be changed from app settings to up to 12 hours earlier than scheduled time).

Reminding earlier is beneficial in such cases when reminders are set automatically with the exact time of occurrence of an event, so when you get a reminder on the exact time, you will not have enough time to get prepared.

The reminder app also supports multiple features like you can also schedule a reminder on the exact time, this type of reminder will not remind you before the time but on the exact time.

The App has also alarm option, you can change any reminder with Alarm by editing the reminder.

Add Reminder with Alarm

There are more options as well, including setting a reminder to remind you daily, weekly (on a particular day of the week), monthly or yearly. The user can also set reminders to remind after every N days, like every 2 days, 5 days or after 12 days.

This reminder app is very useful to increase productivity.

The app can also ask the user if it finds any useful information from other apps like.

Set Reminder from WeChat Message


This is a pop-up with a message from WeChat, that has a piece of reminder information about today an event is going to happen.

So the Smart Messenger with Self Reminders asks the user whether the user wants to add this message as a reminder? With a single click on the ADD button, the reminder will set and no need to manually add information, date and time.

You can also copy the message, change date or time or you can share with other apps.

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