PyFLANN for python 3x

PyFLANN for Python 3x

PyFLANN is a python library for fast approximate nearest neighbor searches in high dimensional spaces.

The FLANN is actually written in C++ but it has bindings in python, matlab and C languages as well.

A python binding of FLANN is written for python 2 and is no longer maintained, however with just few syntax changes it can be reused in python 3. Some of the changes are mentioned here.

However, we have converted the FLANN binding to support python 3 using the post here.

The PyFLANN ready to be used at python 3 can be downloaded from here.


This needs to be placed at:

For Windows (if you have created virtual Environment):


For Ubuntu (if you have created virtual Environment):


* Bold text is the name of virtual environment, in my case it is py3 and in your case it may be different.

For Ubuntu (without any virtual environment):




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