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The people’s who are living in a country whose official language is not known to the person will face the problems to understand the messages and notifications they receive.

The notifications most of the times show some useful information like about abrupt weather condition changes, some alert or warning about unusual things happening around the city or some other important things.

So ignoring those notifications might put you in risk sometimes.

Those notifications also contain advertisements or other unimportant things but ignoring all notifications is not a good suggestion.

The unimportant notifications can be filtered out but it is good to know what information the notifications have.

The app Smart Messenger with Self Reminders has the option to translate notifications on the go.

Whenever notifications are not in the device’s default language, they have translated automatically to the device’s default Language.

Currently, this feature is in beta release but it is working.

To enable this feature, open Smart Messenger with Self Reminders, go to Settings, click process other applications, click enable and android settings will appear, enable Smart Messenger with Self Reminders option to get notifications translated.

Notification Translator

Check “Enable Notification Capturing” and click the button near “Enable Accessibility Settings”.

Notification Translator app

Check and Enable Smart Messenger with Self Reminders

Save the Settings

Now When any notification which is not in device’s default language is received, it will be translated to device’s default language.

The translated notification will appear starting with *.

Real-time Notification Translation

By clicking the translated notification, you can read complete notification in translated version.

Android Notification Translation
download notification Translator

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