Group Messaging made easier using Smart Reminder and Notifier (SRN) – Android App

Smart Reminder and Notifier has a great feature to send scheduled group messaging. The messages will be sent automatically to defined groups at a scheduled time.The user can use android’s built-in groups and schedule them.

The user can use android’s built-in groups and schedule them. This app offers to schedule number of messages to be sent and also either to send daily or weekly basis.

Configure App to send Group Messages:

  1. If you don’t already have any group in android’s contacts, then create one and add peoples to it, whom you are interested in sending group messages.
  2. Open Smart Reminder and Notifier and click the button () on Top Right.

remainder app

3. Select “Group Messaging”

group sms

4. Again on Top Right, the button has 3 options

  • Add Group
  • Add Message
  • Send Group Message
  • Online SMS Library

5. Select Add Group

Schedule group texting

6. Select Group, which you want to schedule, On clicking a list will pop up with android groups

  • If you do not find your desired group, it is either hidden or it does not contain any member in it.
  • To show hidden groups, select “Show hidden groups” in Options.

Add group

7. Select your desired group and then select timing

  • Remember to keep at least 30 minutes gap from start time and end time
  • If you want to send multiple messages to the same group then timing should have X hours gap, where X is number messages to be sent per day to selected group.

Select time to schedule

8. Once all set, Click the Button on Top-Right to add a group.

Groups scheduled

9. To add messages either click on the group and then select Add message (on top-right) or Select “Add Message” from here.

  • Keep on adding messages
  • Only defined number of messages will be sent automatically at scheduled time
  • Every time a new message from the list will be selected to send.
  • Once all messages sent, the list will repeat from the start (the first message in the list) if the option is enabled in Options.

messages to be sent to group on scheduled time

Instant Group Messaging:

group sms

  1. Select “Send Group Message”
  2. Select Group and Enter text to send a message to all members of the selected group instantly.

Send to All Except the one from which received:

When adding a message or sending a group message, the app will automatically detect and add the number from where the similar or same message is received and the number is shown in “Except Contacts”.

The user can delete the number from except contacts if he/she wants to send the message to that contact too.

The numbers in “Except contact” will be skipped when group message will be sent.


Download from Google Play Store
Download from Google Play Store

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