Errors in Simulating AVR ADC codes on Proteus

Errors in Simulating AVR ADC codes on Proteus

I am using AVR ATMEGA 16 and programmed it in AVR Studio 4. I am currently working on Analog to digital conversion and simulating my code on Proteus 7.9. I receive errors while simulating my code, however, my code is OKAY and AVR Studio is not showing any error on ADC.

My simulation on Proteus 7.9 gives the following Error:

(AVR AD Converter) Result is not written to the ADC Register because it has been locked.

AVR ADC Errors on Proteus
Possible reasons for this error are:

1. User might have some warnings in AVR code while compiling on AVR Studio.
2. You might be reading any one data register either ADCL or ADCH.


1. Remove warnings from code in AVR Studio.
2. Read the value from both the registers, whether it is useful or not.


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