Character LCD with large/ big fonts using Arduino

big / large font size on character lcd

Displaying Large / Big Fonts on character LCD using Arduino

Normally, a character LCD has 8×5 dots character size, but this library allows you to combine two rows to make larger fonts using the same 8×5 dots character LCD, this library can work on different sizes including 16×2, 20×2, 16×4 and 20×4 Character LCDs, using the 4 bits data bus.

big / large font size on character lcd


The Library given above has all same commands of “LiquidCrystal.h” Library, except few additional commands, like:


text = any 4 letter text to display on LCD (Big fonts)
x = Horizontal Position (0 is starting position)
y = Vertical Position (0 is Vertically Centered)


where as:
inverted = boolean (true/ false)
if inverter=true then all fonts using render_big_msg("text",x,y);  command will be inverted.


All other LCD commands like setCursor, clear etc are same.

The code and connection diagram given below is also compatible with any character LCD, whether it is 16×2, 16×4, 20×2, 20×4 etc., In code, you just have to edit.


LCD Pinouts:

character lcd pinout / pin diagram / connection diagram



character lcd interfacing with arduino

character lcd interfacing with arduino


Character LCD has 16 terminals:

LCD Arduino
2 – VCC +5v
3 – VEE Potentiometer
4 – RS 2
5 – R/W GND
6 – EN 3
7 – DB0 N.C
8 – DB1 N.C
9 – DB2 N.C
10 – DB3 N.C
11 – DB4 8
12 – DB5 9
13 – DB6 10
14 – DB7 11
15 – LED+ +5v
16 – LED- GND




Video on Displaying Large (Big) Fonts on 16×2 Character LCD using Arduino:




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