Alarm or window to ask about adding reminder from incoming sms does not appear on Smart Messenger with Self Reminders App

alarm does not work on Smart Messenger with Self Reminders

Sometimes, Alarm or window that asks about adding a reminder from incoming messages does not appear or pop-up, this is either due to restrictions in Android 10+ or on some phones, the app needs special permissions.

On Android 10+ application needs permission (SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW or OVERLAY ON TOP OF OTHER APPS) to work appropriately and show pop-ups from background services.

Starting from v4.1.0 of Smart Messenger with Self Reminder app, this is asked to the user on the main screen of the app.

alarm does not appear or work

Click on Proceed, and the settings will appear:

alarm does not appear or work

Enable this option

alarm does not appear or work

In some devices, application permissions also include permissions related to showing pop-up window from the background, especially on Xiaomi phones. Without these permissions, even if you grant overlay permission, the app won’t be able to show pop-up windows.

To enable these settings, please go to application settings (Settings > Apps > Smart Messenger with Self Reminders) > Permissions and enable:

alarm does not appear or workEnable “Show on Lock Screen”, “Display pop-up window while running in the background” and “Display pop-up window”.


To try if these settings work, please try sending an SMS to yourself with some schedulable information like a message that contains “today”, “tomorrow”, any date or time, or coming Tuesday or after 3 days, etc.

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