Add App to Auto Start in Xiaomi (MI) Phones

Auto start app on Xiaomi

Add Smart Reminder App to Auto Start in Xiaomi Phones

Smart Reminder and Notifier app doesn’t auto start in Xiaomi / MI phones because of having an advanced system that does not allow apps to run in the background for a long time and hence the app doesn’t work correctly to provide the services, it is designed to do.

To make the app, work correctly and provide you uninterrupted services, kindly do the following settings in your device:

  1. Go to Settings, Scroll down and Select “Installed apps”

Auto Start in Xiaomi


2. Now from the list of applications, select “Smart Reminder and Notifier”Auto Start in Xiaomi


3. Enable “Autostart” option and then select “Battery Saver”

Auto Start in Xiaomi

4. Select “No restrictions”

Auto Start in Xiaomi

5. Enjoy the uninterrupted services of “Smart Reminder and Notifier”


Android Permissions:

Xiaomi sometimes automatically deny some important permissions without even asking the user.

The Smart Reminder is specially designed to work in automation mode, means the user has to worry less and to increase the productivity of the user.

Some permissions that are extremely required for automation mode are:

Send/ Write SMS Messages: Required to automatically send messages to groups (For Scheduled Group Messaging Feature)

Read/ Modify/ Delete Contacts: Required to get Birthdays information from Phone’s contacts and also extract their phone numbers, in order to wish loved ones automatically and exactly on time.

Access and Change Files on Internal Storage: The app keeps it’s databases and settings information on internal storage, so this permission is extremely needed, otherwise the app won’t be able to save any reminders or any settings.

Start in background: This permission is also extremely important, this allows the app to work in the background and remind you and work for you automatically at a scheduled time. If the app doesn’t start, it won’t work well.

  1. Go to System Settings > Installed Apps > Smart Reminder and Notifier > Permissions:

Smart Reminder and Notifier Automated mode

2. Enable the following permissions for the app to work efficiently.

Smart Reminder and Notifier Automated mode

Smart Reminder and Notifier Automated mode

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