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Smart Messenger with Self Reminders

A smart SMS Messenger with intelligent algorithms that increases productivity. It can automatically detect schedulable information from incoming messages and set reminders automatically for the user. It also supports sending group messages on the schedule defined by the user.

  • Automatic Reminders
  • Group Messaging and Scheduled Group Messaging
  • Birthday Reminder and Wisher
  • SMS Messenger with Translation
  • Notification Translation and Notification based Reminders

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Scheduled Airplane Mode

Set multiple schedules to automatically turn airplane/ flight mode on or off.

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TorchLight +

Torchlight that supports rear & front both torch modes and can also work in the background.

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Wireless Conversation

Application to chat with the local community, that share the same network as within the same community or same hostel.

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UDP Transceiver

UDP based message transfer, useful for researchers, engineers and hobbyist.

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