Add App to Auto Start in Xiaomi (MI) Phones

Auto start app on Xiaomi

Add Smart Reminder App to Auto Start in Xiaomi Phones Smart Reminder and Notifier app doesn’t auto start in Xiaomi / MI phones because of having an advanced system that does not allow apps to run in the background for a long time and hence the app doesn’t work correctly to provide the services, it is designed to do. To …

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Scheduled Airplane Mode

Scheduled Airplane Mode - An android app

Now never get disturbed at your specified timings, schedule Airplane mode automatically at given timings. The User can add multiple timings to turn on and off airplane mode. Android 4.2.2 and newer (API 17 and newer) require Rooted Smart Phones. Android 4.1.1. and older does not require Root Mode, but it can work on Rooted phones as well. If your …

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Torch Light

Torchlight / flashlight android app

Android Jelly Beans (JB) and older versions have limitations in torch light that when they turn Off screen light, the torch light also turns off and when they try to use any other app when torch light is ON, the torch light closes automatically. Due to this limitation, peoples can not work during the dark, while using cell phone torch, …

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Wireless Conversation

Wireless Conversation Cover

Wireless Conversation is a wifi texting app, that broadcasts information instantly to all people within local area or organization. No need for Internet connectivity just a simple wifi connection. There must be at least two persons using the same app on the same network in order to communicate. Stay in touch with friends and family with Wireless conversation. Wireless Conversation …

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UDP Transceiver

UDP Transceiver Features

This tool is useful for those who work with UDP Applications and need repeating UDP Messages. This tool comes with various features and supports not only static messaging but also support powerful messages; hence one can transmit a sequence, date and time which means with every packet the number changes automatically. This is a very useful tool for researchers, programmers, …

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Smart Reminder and Notifier (Add Reminder app)

reminder app, group texting and birthday wisher

* Add Reminder * Group Messaging * Birthday Wishes Smart Reminder and Notifier helps you to use your cell phone in a smarter way. AUTOMATIC REMINDERS: Now Never forget your Important Events. Events will be scheduled automatically, without your input. this will save your time from adding reminders manually. Smart Reminder and Notifier is a productivity app that will automatically …

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